Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Does A Bad Nourishing Depend On A Self Discipline?
        All the students have a healthy appetite but not all of them could fill them up with substantial meal. Usually it is a simple quick snack between classes which  primarily consists of junk food or fried processed foods. First of all, it is known as a meal on the go which appeals to students who have a tight schedule and don`t have any intention to spend their time cooking nourishing supper. The other valuable reasons could be related to lack of self discipline and living on a shoestring budget.
         Frankly speaking, a lot of them don`t have a hearty breakfast ( fortunately, if they have any) because they got used to wake up late and do everything in a rush. The same situation with morning exercises: 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups and 15 minutes of jogging don`t take a lot of time but still it is impossible task for "round-the-clock" society. As a result, sedentary lifestyle and a huge amount of cholesterol and saturated fats in processed foods lead to serious eating disorders and overeating or complete loss of appetite.
         I suppose that students should weigh up the options of such a lifestyle and think over its possible improvement. The good nourishing it is a really tough choice which demands persistence and determination from a person. However, some simple steps could be done such as planning ahead your nutrition for a week to prevent yourself from buying sth forbidden and taking up simple exercises or even following a fitness program( if there is such a possibility). All in all, the healthy lifestyle is no more than making right decisions.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Miracle and Co

The name of company "Miracle and Co" comes from its main goal: to deliver surprises in routine life.  We closely work with arrangment of special events such as b-days, weddings, parties of different kinds. Our pecularity is a great experience in  this sphere and special can-do attitude to our clients who become our close friends in future. 
    The main wealth of our company is the stuff. Our job is demanding and requires delegating a lot of duties from those who were taken on. Conversely, the working conditions for such a stressful job are more than satisfying. We have a performance related bonus scheme which lets persistant workers to earn a good living
   Now we are looking for educated designers and decorators who can be able to meet tight deadlines and work well in team. These vacancies are connected and handle promotion as well as adornment of interior design and all the details such as invatations and costumes. We don`t demand from applicants to be top notch professionals but expect from them a desire to master new skills and be the cat`s whiskers. Other requirements include an ability to come up with solutions quickly and a great sense of humour.
 To apply for these vacancies, you could fill in forms on our website and attend an panel interview with our manager. Let`s create miracles together)

And there is a link to the feedback of our client Merinda:

Saturday, 25 March 2017


1)I honestly think that the video of Sugata Mitra about new way of studying is as brilliant as simple, The idea of education based on encouragement, 24/7 accesss to the Internet and collaboration seems ideal for those who have a thirst for knowledge. But it`s not a viable option for getting a higher education or passing exams with flying colours. Why? It is my firm conviction that children from 12 to 18 need instructor who would not only praise but correct the mistakes and deduct marks. They are not ready to acquire enough knowledge without any control.

2)The second video also appeals to me. To grasp the importance of alturnative education, we should realise that everyone is unique, and culture of standartalization only suppresses natural learners inside us. We used to descriminate those  who don`t have a natural talent for math or physics because it comes from the old school. The experience of Finland underlines the importance of curiousity of children because it is their right to get the appropriate climate but not the regime.

3) I take the view that today we demand too much from children. Our system of education aimed to provide everyone with perfect knowledge not only in core subjects but also in any sphere: from chemistry to politics. The pupils and students try to cover a lot of ground burning the midnight oil to achieve full marks in tests.
It`s common knowledge that our system needs some improvements but it`s not about making the process of studying even more dificult. If you can`t help, at least don`t hurt.

There is a result of one little brainstorming:

Monday, 13 March 2017

Feelings. Emotions. Body Language.

Let me see... Aha, we are going to deal with emotions and ways of their expressing, so today I`m really excited with creating this post. First of all, ask yourself how do you feel today? Are you delighted with how everything is going on or feel discontended from time to time? Are you someone who wears your heart on your sleeve or used to bottle all the emotions? But in both cases some of your gestures and postures could reveal your true state. To illustrate it, I decided to make some pictures of my friend`s body language.

In the first one ma queen is inspired and derived the pleasure from the calm and pleasant evening. After a day full of stresses she seems to be in high spirits with her favourite music and candle around.

The second one illustrates her emotions after some hours in the gym. Dasha looks, and, what is more important, feels on top form. As she says, time for workout makes her day and gives her a burst of energy for studying.

After classes and hours of workout there is also some time for meditations. If you have mixed feelings about sth and it increases your stress level, take some time to relax and distract from everything. That is what helps Dasha to be cool, calm and collected.

 After meditations she feels on the top of the world because of a great sense of achievement.That`s really important to compliment yourself because you deserve it. Be like Dasha.

She claimed that she felt miserable and discontended without me at previous weekend. So, she found sth that gives her the state of euphoria even during my absence. Brr, I have mixed feelings about it.

And some of my friends are also involved.

Thanks everyone) That`s all for today. See ya❤

Communication. Discourse Markers. Proverbs

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Word families. Word formation.

Are you still afraid of words "arachnophobia", "photosyntax" and "metrology"? Can`t get the way of appearing long pseudoclassical words? It is impossible for phylologist to be productive in learning lenguages without knowing Greek and Latin roots and prefixes!First and foremost, forget about your phobia and let`s learn it in a proper way. For example, if you  know the meaning of its component arch (leader), consequently, you will catch the meaning of the related words such as monarch, patriarchy, archangel.  The similar connection have generation, gender, genesis which were derived from the root gen - (birth, produce). Understanding this concept of formation could be incredibly beneficial for multilingual translators and interpeneurs. Don`t underestimate it!)

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